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Unlike Kwon Min-woo, who is relaxed, it is interesting to see Woo Young-woo hurriedly looking at the data with both hands full of documents. At the meeting with the client, Woo Young-woo, who seemed to be dissatisfied with something, was also spotted. Above all, Woo Young-woo's expression, depressed by Jung Myung-seok's words, suggests that she faced an unexpected event. The war of nerves continues in court. Woo Young-woo and Kwon Min-woo, who are fighting with eyes without backing down, raise questions about who will play the key man of victory in a properly lit rival match.

In the 5th episode, Woo Young-woo and Kwon Min-woo will be in charge of an injunction against "Ehwa ATM" against their competitors. Kwon Min-woo is a person who has been openly competitive since Woo Young-woo entered the firm. In a previous trailer, Kwon Min-woo said, โ€œThere is no case where Woo Young-woo solves quietly. When provoked by saying โ€Young-woo the bull in a china shop", Woo Young-woo also responded, โ€œMin-woo the manipulator!โ€


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