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# โ€œI'll give you the bouquetโ€ (EP2)

In the 2nd episode, Young-woo buys a meal for her father for the first time. Woo Kwang-ho could not hide his disappointment at the daughter's words that she wouldn't hold his hand at her wedding and that "My father doesn't need to hand me over to my spouse, I'm getting married as an adult." 



# โ€œWe are a team" (EP3) 

Jung Myung-seok who said he couldn't accept a lawyer who couldn't introduce herself properly changes to a great deal as he works with Young-woo. When a client treats Young-woo with bias and discrimination he didn't hesitate to defend Young-woo in front of the CEO.



# Jun-ho's โ€œWhale Cheerโ€ dedicated only to Young-woo (EP4) 

Lee Jun-ho prepared a surprise gift for Woo Young-woo. An amazing scene unfolded where Young-woo followed Jun-ho without knowing. Woo Young-woo was overwhelmed by the picture of a blue whale full of one wall. Woo Young-woo was crying with joy as Jun-ho watched her with a bright smile. 

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