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Park Eun-bin has made a comeback as a lawyer for her friend Joo Hyun-young..


Woo Young-woo, who left Hanbada saying she was not a helpful lawyer for the defendant, has grown one step further. 

In particular, the true face of mentor Jung Myung-seok, who instilled a sense of fellowship and responsibility as a "team" in Woo Young-woo and showed infinite trust in "attorney Woo Young-woo," was touching. 


Jung Myung-seok's remark to Kwon Min-woo, โ€œI think Woo Young-woo is doing pretty well. She has the power to cling persistently to the case and her ideas are creative. If you look closely, you too will have something to learn from her." pretty much sums up the 4th episode.


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