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The response to Extraordinary Attorney Woo Young-woo is hot.


Letโ€™s talk about the reason why we have no choice but to love the drama in just two episodes.


# Park Eun-bin is Woo Young-woo herself!
At the center of the super positive reviews is the sincerity and passion of the actors. Park Eun-bin said, โ€œExtraordinary Attorney Woo Young-woo is a work that allowed me to face the fear of challenge," adding, "Just as Young-woo steps into the world with passion and excitement, I am also learning courage from Young-woo." Then she goes, "I wanted to add my sincerity to Young-woo's sincerity so that viewers can feel Young-woo's heart." Her worries, efforts and sincerity worked well. Woo Young-woo took her first step into a strange place that she had never experienced before. Woo Young-woo's challenge, which breaks away from the framework set by the world and overcomes the limitations in her own way and solves the case with a new perspective, shone even more when she met Park Eun-bin. As much as the depth of concern to approach Woo Young-woo, a genius lawyer with an autism spectrum, praise is pouring out for Park Eun-bin's passionate performance which led the viewers to sympathize.


#The world Young Woo sees! AKA The power of empathy
"Extraordinary Attorney Woo Young-woo" depicts the survival a new recruit with a genius brain and autism spectrum in a large law firm. Young-woo looks at the incident with her own eyes. The approach of focusing solely on events and people without being swept away by emotions or prejudices points out that we are not seeing and thinking on our own. It is also drawing attention that the story is told from the perspective of Woo Young-woo, who has an autism spectrum and not observed or interpreted by someone. Familiar incidents that we go though in our everyday lives turn into completely new stories as soon as they look at them with the eyes of extraordinary attorney Woo Young-woo.


#People around Young-woo who warm up(ft. perfect healing chemistry)
The world that is familiar and natural to us is unfamiliar and difficult for Woo Young-woo. Like a fast-rotating door, the world was never easy to step in. However, Woo Young-woo bravely breaks through prejudice and limitations in her own way. The point that makes the drama even more special is those who add warmth to Woo Young-woo's world. There is Lee Joon-ho, who is willing to hold the revolving door and listens to the whale story, and there is also Chung Myung-seok, a mentor who acknowledges his prejudice and mistakes and knows how to allow human gaps. The mountains that Woo Young-woo has to cross become a pleasant challenge due to those who support her or provide stimulation. The healing synergy of the actors the heart of the viewers with their passion, wit and energy, is gaining more love than ever.



which melted the warm gaze of understanding and respecting small considerations, affection, and differences, is receiving hotter reviews than ever.

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