What to focus on #EOAW


Eun-bin and Tae-oh shared the key aspects of #EOAW that make the drama special!

In expressing the character Woo Young-woo, who has both strengths and weaknesses, Park Eun-bin said, "Just as each person has a different personality, their characteristics are different. I tried to focus on the 'characteristics' of Young-wooโ€. โ€œI was not sure about myself because it was the first time I had no idea how to express myself as an actor until I met Woo Young-woo.โ€ 


Then she continued. โ€œBut based on the trust that director Yoo In-sik and writer Moon Ji-won showed me, I could end up making a great drama together.โ€

Kang Tae-oh plays the role of Lee Joon-ho, an employee at Hanbada law firm who falls in love with Young-woo as he spends time with her. Joon-ho is loved by everyone for his warm appearance and friendly personality. Kang Tae-oh says, "You will see and feel the same things Young-woo and the people of Hanbada see and feel; thatโ€™s what this drama is about." 


Then he goes, "It's a drama filled with passion, effort, and affection. I think we can impress many people who are tired of busy and mundane routine. Please show a lot of interest and anticipation. I hope you heal through Extraordinary Attorney Wooโ€.

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